Monday, May 6, 2013

Impact Crater Discovery

Today in science we were exploring the idea of impact craters.  We were trying to figure out how velocity (speed), angle of impact and size & shape of an impactor (meteorite, asteroid) effected the size and shape of an impact crater.

Jakob, Justin, Jaden and David discovered that not all impactors created the same size crater. The large, not solid, baseball they used created a shallow crater. They thought that if the baseball was solid it would probably make a deeper crater.

Tanner, Taylor, Greyson and Terrell noticed that the faster the impactor was thrown the more central uplift they got. In addition to this they discovered that not all central uplifts were big. They also noticed that when you throw small impactors fast (high velocity) you get big craters.

Collin, Kami, Lydia and Falisha figured out that if you throw a small impactor slow (without much velocity) you get a small crater and if you throw the same impactor faster (increase the velocity) you get a bigger crater.  

Tomorrow we will continue our research and analyze our data.

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