Thursday, October 24, 2013

Trees & New Apps

This week we learned all about the inside of trees and why trees leaves change colors.  We also were introduced to some really fun new iPad apps: Educreations, Carve a Pumpkin and Zombie Math!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Welcome to the World of Trees!

On Wednesday, October 16th, we went for a walk at our school to look for trees. We wanted to study and observe different trees.  We found conifers and deciduous trees.  Deciduous trees have leaves that change color in the Fall and will eventually fall from the tree.  Conifers have needles that always stay green. They are also known as evergreens.
These students are measuring the trunk of their White Birch tree.
It's circumference was 39 inches.

These three students were writing and drawing their observations about their tree.

Our classmate was checking to see if his arms could fit around the trunk of his tree.

This student is also checking to see if her arms could fit around her tree.
She loves hugging trees!

These arborists are measuring their tree to see how large the trunk is.

This arborist is recording her data in her tree journal.

Look at What we are Learning About

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fairy Houses

Last Wednesday we walked down to the creek near the Ascension School to look for fairy houses. We found five different kinds of fairy houses.  We found lumber fairies, farmer fairies, fishing fairies, hunting fairies and rock fairies. All the fairies worked together to share their resources.  They worked together and depended on each other to make sure all the fairies had the resources they needed.
This is the Fishing Fairies house.

This is the Rock Fairies house.

Here is the Lumber Fairies house.

The Hunting Fairies lived here.

A closer look at the Hunting Fairies house.

Farmer Fairies garden.  They had a scarecrow to scare away slugs!

A complete view of the Farmer Fairies Farm.

All of us gathered around Mr. Macke to tell him what we thought was the coolest fairy house.

These were our tour guides.  They were from the Natural Resource class.

Skunks, Birthdays and Research!