Friday, September 26, 2014


Wow!  Can you believe we are nearing the end of September and we haven't even made one post!  We have been super busy in second grade learning our classroom routines and as much as we can about oceans!  We began our study locating and naming the worlds oceans and continents.  We needed some perspective for our class discussions.  We used atlases to help us locate and name the continents and oceans and worked together in small groups to create these awesome maps.

We have also been learning about wind and waves.  Did you know waves are formed in two ways?  Most waves are wind waves but there are also waves that form when earthquakes or underwater landslides occur beneath the ocean. These waves are called seismic waves and can be very dangerous.  A seismic wave is also called a Tsunami. You can learn more about Tsunamis by watching this great video.  

After we learned about Tsunamis we made these cool diagrams so we could explain what a tsunami is to our parents.  Next we will be learning about the Water Cycle and the oceans important roll in this incredible process.