Thursday, September 19, 2013

Writing Letters to Our Parents

Each week we have been writing letters to our parents.  Sometimes it is hard to remember all of the things we did during the week so our teacher takes pictures and posts them on our classroom blog to help us remember.  When we write our letters we can use our iPads to look at the pictures on our classroom blog.  This helps us remember some things we could tell our parents about.  Soon we will be deciding what is important and be taking the pictures and posting them ourselves!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Science Notebooks

Science Notebooks are a great way to have students communicate their learning during science.  This science notebook is all about porcupines which we have been studying in class.  

As we research we add words related to porcupines on the Word Wall at the front of the notebook.
We journal about processes....
interesting facts...
and take or create pictures and write captions to help our readers.
We also use word webs to brainstorm about interesting facts and create sentences about your topic.

Our Week In Pictures

We have been busy this week!

We have been learning about subtraction.  We did all the subtraction facts to eighteen.  We discovered that if you take a number away from itself it is always zero.  These are called the subtraction doubles.

We have also been busy writing and learning about porcupines this week.  We wrote in our Science Notebooks.

We have been working on writing every single day.  We tell each other what we will be working on before we start writing.

We did some word work too.  We were building words to make smores.

We did Play-Doh math facts.    You have to write your math fact down in different colors and make it with Play-Doh.  Then you write a story that matches your problem and draw a quick sketch.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Camp Learn A lot

At Camp Learn A lot we have been very busy becoming experts about porcupines!  We have learned many interesting facts about them.  Did you know that porcupines clatter their teeth and create a stinky smell near their tail to warn their enemies?  They give their enemies lots of chances to leave them alone before piercing them with their quills.  Porcupines cannot shoot their quills at their enemies but sometimes it looks like they do because they can move their tails really fast.  Never try to touch porcupine quills!  Baby porcupines are called porcupettes. We LOVE this word!

We have also been practicing our "camp" routines and are becoming expert camp rangers.

This one of the places we can do Read-to-Someone during Daily 5.
We can also Read-to-Someone in our classroom library.
We made porcupines.
And hung them in the trees.
This is where we do calendar.
Porcupines like trees.
We also like to celebrate our friends birthdays!