Thursday, April 9, 2015


Last Monday we began an inquiry unit of study on rocks. We have been building our background knowledge about rocks through reading, viewing and observing. Today was by far the most exciting day of our inquiry and observations!  We had a bag full of geodes that Mrs. Van Nice gave us.  With hammers, eye protection and 16 excited second graders we headed outside and got to work. Oh my goodness, if only we could have bottled all that excitement! Not a single geode was alike and we all waited with great anticipation for each geode to crack (explode) open. Some of them were a little stubborn but we all persevered.  After everyone took a "whack" at their geode, we headed back inside to look at them more closely.  We can't wait to continue our study of rocks next week! Thank you so much Mrs. Van Nice!

Fourth graders came to see what we were up to and enjoy the show.
Three of our rock hounds.
SD breaking up his geode.
BC works at cracking open her geode.
CG likes what she sees!
Observing our geodes with a black light.  Very COOL!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Fire Safety

You should not play with matches or lighters!  Our friends from the Cove Fire Department and the Forest Service taught us this today.  We learned that you can start a fire if you play with matches or lighters.  If you play with matches or lighters in the forest you could be responsible for killing wild animals like deer, porcupines, mountain lions or elk.  You could also injure a family member if you play with matches and lighters.  As you can see matches and lighters can be very dangerous.  DO NOT PLAY WITH THEM.  MATCHES AND LIGHTERS ARE NOT TOYS!!!

Cove Firefighters are showing us their masks and tanks so we won't be afraid of them if there was a real fire.
We gave the firefighter a high five so we could feel his glove.
At the end of the assembly we gave Smokey and Sparky hugs and high fives.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Happy Spring!!!

Yesterday we used our mad geometry and art skills to create these sweet bunnies hiding in the grass. Don't you love how unique each bunny is? They are so adorable!!!