Thursday, April 18, 2013

Our Busy Life!

This week in second grade we have been incredibly busy!

We have been studying about planets this week. We are researching to get a lot of information to share with our classmates

During math we have been studying the area of shapes.  We used different units of measure. One unit of measure was a green pattern block triangle.  The next day our unit of measure changed and was 1 square unit.

At Word Study time we played a game called Vocabulary Rock and Roll.  We had to draw a word card and roll the die to find out what we had to do with the word.  Sometimes we had to draw what the word meant. Sometimes we acted out the word. Acting out the word was one of our favorite jobs.

We have been doing opinion writing. We're learning how to convince people to agree with us. Writing a worthwhile introduction that grabs the readers attention helps. Another important thing to do is support your reasons with evidence. 

This month we have been reading The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate. Yesterday we drew pictures to make protest signs. We finished the book today. If you haven't read this book we highly recommend that you do!

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