Wednesday, November 7, 2012

K-2 Election Results Just In!

Yesterday K-2 students at our school participated in the election process.  All students "registered" to vote, signed up to work at the polls during their recess times and went through the voting process.  They took their jobs very seriously and made sure there was no funny business from any of the citizens coming through the polls to place their very important, anonymous votes.  Our K-2 teachers used ideas from the Shout All About America: Classroom Elections for Kiddos unit that we found on the Teachers Pay Teachers website.  After a careful count of the ballots the results were 38 Obama, 39 Romney.

Poll workers help a citizen begin the voting process.

A Marshal helps a citizen place their ballot in the ballot box.

Mr. Neil explaining how the ballot works.

Students waiting their turn to place their vote!

A citizen signs in at the polls.

Judge 2 explained how to fill out the ballot to voters.

Poll workers checking to make sure everything is legal.

Clerk 1 looks on as a citizen signs in to vote.

After citizen voted they received an "I voted!" sticker from a Marshal.

Looking over the paper work.

A Marshal waits patiently to help voters place their ballots.

After counting the votes a Marshal shredded them to make sure there was no  voter fraud.

K-2 students after hearing the results.

Looking at the Electoral College Map...

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