Sunday, November 4, 2012

Boo Bubbles

On Halloween we were introduced to the Scientific Method with a science experiment masterminded by Steve Spangler.  You can click here to watch a video of Steve doing this experiment.

Mrs. Williams set out all of the supplies we needed to do the experiment and explained that scientists use a process called the scientific method.  She said the first step in this process was to ask questions.  Our question was:

What would happen if we placed dry ice into warm water, capped the container with our funnel/tube/cup apparatus and dipped the small 2 oz. cup at the end of the tube into a soap solution?

We then talked with our neighbors and made predictions about what we thought would happen.  We then used our predictions to form a Hypothesis, which is the second step in the scientific process.

Next we had to test our Hypothesis, the third step in the scientific process.  Here is what happened!

We made LOTS of observations, the fourth step in the scientific process, and all had a chance to play with the Boo Bubbles.  

The final step was to draw conclusions.  We concluded that when you put the carbon dioxide, in its solid form, into warm water it immediately transforms into its gaseous form and if you control the amount of gas that is released (by only letting it escape through a tiny tube) it creates pressure that blows the gas into a bubble.  

We LOVED this experiment and can't wait to make more scientific discoveries throughout the year!

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