Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Do you have and ipad or iphone?

This summer I have been exploring the virtual world via my new ipad.  Did you know there is an "App"" for just about everything?  "App" is an abbreviation for "application."  An application is a virtual tool that can help you do all kinds of things.  I read in the paper last week that in San Francisco there is an app you can purchase that allows you to schedule a time to have your car washed. Yes, your car washed!  You just type in your address and the people who created this app come to you to wash your car!  In this particular article the man using the app was having coffee in a coffee shop and the car washing company came there and washed his car right on the street.  To me the whole thing sounded a little bit silly, but I don't live in a major metropolitan area with heavy traffic either...

What does this have to do with second graders (soon to be third graders!) you ask?  Well, this summer I discovered the world of educational "apps" and there are tons of them that make learning fun and exciting.  So, if you have an ipad or your parents have an iphone you should think about installing some of these applications.  If you like video games, you will love these apps!

Free ipad/iphone Apps

Phonics Tic-Tac-Toe Interactive
iWriteWords Lite
Stack the States Lite
Stack the Countries Lite 
Count Money
Virtuoso (learn to play the piano!)
Doodle Buddy 
Everyday Mathematics Monster Math
Sight Words by Little Spellers
Grammar Jammers
Learn Time Lite
Computer Carl
Apples in an Hour

Can't wait to hear what you think about these apps!

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