Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Bag of Hammers Visits Cove!

Lucky us!  We had a special guest at school yesterday.  Mr. Luke McHern from one of our locally and very talented bands, Bag of Hammers, came out to see us in Cove!  Mr. McHern creates all the music for his 2 person band using digital looping, while his band-mate, Holly Sorenson provides the vocals.  We spent an hour watching Mr. McHern perform,  helping him create a looped musical rendition of a tropical rainforest and asking lots of questions.  There was a little bit of dancing involved too!

After we returned to class we took a stab at creating digital music using our voices (and anything else we could find to create cool sounds) using apps on our iPads (Loop Recorder, Beat Man).

Today we plan to use digital looping to record music to go along with some poems that we will be reading.  If all goes well we will share our finished products with you soon!

Thank you for helping create this experience for us Mr. Gustavson, Mr. McBride and Mr. McHern. We think you guys ROCK!

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