Monday, November 24, 2014

Little Free Library

This morning our second grade class went to Mrs. Van Nice's house.  She had a Little Free Library in front of her house.  We got to pick out a book for FREE and keep it!  After we finish reading our book we can take it back and trade for a different one.  If we love it and want to keep it that is okay too.  We can also get another book from her if we visit again with our family. 

SD and RD choose a book from the Little Library.
After choosing books we took a picture of everyone with their books.

Mrs. Van Nice spoiled us rotten with books, bookmarks and yummy treats.
Thank you Mrs. Van Nice! Happy Thanksgiving Mrs. Van Nice!

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CarlaC said...

I have heard of this kind of Little Free Library but have never known anyone who used one. I'm wondering if Mrs. Van Nice is a retired teacher, as I am. I gave so many of my books away to other teachers but kept so many to share with grandkids. Looks like your students really enjoy your class, which makes this Grandma happy that SD is in your room.