Thursday, January 24, 2013

Biography Research!

Since our return to school after the winter break we have been working really hard on a big research project.  We are learning about biographies and studying about  famous historical people.  We are trying to answer four big questions:

1. Why is it important to remember people in history?  
2. What makes a person famous?  
3. How are famous people similar or different from myself?  
4. What kinds of personal qualities do famous people have?

Sharing in small groups what we have learned so far about our historical figures.

A paragraph describing the contributions made by Crazy Horse.

A venn diagram that compares a student with their historical figure.
Making notes about what we discovered when we compared ourselves to our historical figure.
A Facebook page for a historical figure.
A classmate drawing her historical figure using Infuse Learning.
Next week we will present what we have learned at our Wax Museum. 

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