Monday, October 22, 2012

Math, Math, Math!

Each day we rotate through several different math activities.  We refer to them as our SMART activities.  S=strategy games, M=manipulatives, A=all about numbers, R=reading & writing about math, T=teacher time.  We know that if we work hard in all of these areas we will be the best mathematicians we can be!

This is an "all about numbers" activity we have been working on.  We are decomposing numbers and learning about place value and how to write a number in expanded form.

This is our Ant Story Problem Journal.  We just finished creating ant story problems and are now working on solving each others problems.  First we draw a picture to show how we figured out the answer.  Then we write it down in our own words.  And last, but not least, we write an equation showing how we figured out the problem.

This is one of our strategy games.  We are studying all the different ways to make the sum of numbers 6-9.

This is another strategy game we have been working on.  We are learning to count minutes on the clock by 5's and working on a little probability at the same time.

Bucket O' Bugs is our manipulatives activity.  We choose a subtraction math fact card and place the number of bugs on the "difference mat."  Then we think of a story problem about the difference between each number of bugs.  We also record the subtraction fact on a record sheet saying, "the difference between 6 and 4 is 2."
We will share pictures of our Ant Story Problems soon.  Our teacher thinks they rock!

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