Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Words, Words, Words!

We like to race at my house.  A lot.  We race to get dressed.  We race to see who will make it to the end of the block first or who will make it to the top of the stairs first.  Maybe some of you are familiar with these kinds of shinanigans yourself...

Well, William, the youngest in our family, doesn’t particularly care to race because he thinks he is always the “l-o-s-e-r.”  However, if he happens to be “first” he will always shout, “First one there is the STINKY ROTTEN CHEESE!”  Yes, you heard me right, STINKY ROTTEN CHEESE. We (my husband, eldest son and myself) have tried (through many fits of giggles) to explain to him that being the “STINKY ROTTEN CHEESE” is not cool.  He could care less. Why? Because those “words” make him feel good inside!  He wants to be the “STINKY ROTTEN CHEESE” because this means he is the winner in his world. AND, he loves to make us laugh AND he knows this ALWAYS makes us laugh.

This of course has got my teacher brain thinking about words and how they make us feel.  The words we choose to use when sending a message are more important than one might think.  Watch this video to see what I mean.


After watching this video and thinking awhile about its powerful message I thought it might be interesting to start keeping a "Word Journal." I have been collecting all kinds of words and phrases that I think might be perfect for a future story, poem, class lesson, blog post, letter or other piece of writing my future self might craft.  The words and phrases I have been collecting have been coming from newspapers, magazines, books I am reading, television shows, street signs and conversations.  If you pay attention, you will discover extraordinary WORDS ARE EVERYWHERE!

Here are some "Word Journal" pages to get your mind thinking in this direction.  I included a blank page in case you think of another category of words you might like to collect.  It also occurred to me that you might enjoy creating your own cover so I didn't include one.

I hope you will share some of the words and phrases you collect with us!
Word Journal

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