Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tulip Poplar Exploration

Eli, Will and I just got back inside from observing the Tulip Poplar out in front of our house.  Here are some pictures and observations from our exploration.

Eli and Will thought the bark made excellent climbing holds!

We took a closer look at the pollen from the trees flower.  We noticed tiny insects running around in the bowl.

We observed a birds nest and a small insect in the grass near the trees trunk.

We dissected the flower.  Will informed us this flower had a lot of "stamens!"

Thomas Jefferson loved the Tulip Poplar, also known as a Yellow Poplar or Tulip Tree.  You can read more about this kind of tree and Thomas Jefferson's garden at Monticello by clicking here.

If you would like to grab your own tree observation journal click here.

We can't wait to find out what kind of tree you observed!

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