Thursday, June 7, 2012


Did you know that zookeepers can learn a lot by observing an animals scat (also known as poop!)? Visit the Who Pooped? website to learn more!  Once your finished giggling and get past the silly noises I think you will be surprised at all the interesting things you will learn about animal scat.  You can always turn the sound off on your computer if your parents find the silly animal noises annoying (wink, wink).

If you take a walk around your yard you might discover some scat.  Maybe there is a camping trip in your future or a hike in the woods.  You can look for and try to identify any animal scat you come across.  A great book to help you identify any scat you find is Tracks, Scats and Signs by Leslie Dendy.  You could check out a copy at the library or purchase a copy at Sunflower Books. 

Don't forget to share what you find!

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