Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Experimental Poetry

Yesterday we tried our hand at some "experimental poetry."   At first we tried following an outline to write a poem about using our senses.  Here are some samples of this type of poem...


I hear crickets at night.
I see fish in a river.
I smell fish.
I taste food.
I touched a fish.

By: Bryce

Sweet Strawberries

I hear that there are sweet strawberries.
I see sweet strawberries.
I smell sweet strawberries.
I taste sweet strawberries and they taste good.
I touch the small plant that grew those sweet strawberries.

By: Rachel

The Storm

I hear whispering wind.
I see clouds of dust.
I smell fresh air.
I taste the wet rain.
I touch the dust in the air.

By: Ava

Then we tried starting every line the same way: I like, I wish, I am, etc... After the poem was finished we took the first part away...

I wish I was a ghost.
I wish we went to the store.
I wish I rode a horse all by myself.

Now remove the I wish...

I Wish

I was a ghost.
We went to the store.
I rode a horse all by myself.

By: Madison

I wish I could fly.
I wish I could go all around the world.
I wish I was rich.
I wish the sun was shining.
I wish I could do anything I wanted.

Now remove the I wish...

The Dream

I could fly.
I could go all around the world.
I was rich.
The sun was shining.
I could do anything I wanted!

By: Cove Second Grade


Caleb said...

We had a lot of fun writing these poems.

lexi said...

bryce good poum.

madison said...

I love Rachel because she did a lot of prfit things.

Lexi said...

ava you are a good pooum rietr i likc haw you sid stroobereas.

Rylee said...

I like poem's beacause it is very,very,very fun I think it is fun beacause we wright.

Tel said...

The poems were awesome. We did a good job.

Ava said...

I love the strabarie pome by rachel love. Ava

Ava said...

I love the strabarie pome by rachel love. Ava

Jaykob said...

I like rachels was good

Caleb said...

I loved writing these poems

keller said...

poems aer fon caleb and we had fon too.

Rachel said...

The storm was a nice poem because it was a calm poem.

Madison said...

I like Ava it was rielly good at the begening.

bryce said...

it was fun to rwite peom yestrday.

Lexi said...

madison i likc wat you sed i rood. a hors all dy my sef too.

Kaylie said...

Rachel I like your poem because It reminds me of strawberries and makes the taste of strawberries In my mouth.

Jessie said...

Rachel's poem made me taste the strawberries.

Quinn said...

It was HARD work makeing the poems and we had a TON of fun. I love everbodys poems. Some people have poems about one thing. For example, Rachel's poem is about strawberries.

Brandon said...

I love writing poetry so so much and it is so fun.