Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Personal Narratives

We have been talking A LOT about the writing process while working on personal narratives in our classroom this month.   This is what our writing process looked like during the production of our personal narrative stories.
1. Decide!  Look through your writing journal, Slice of Life Writer's Notebook or just simply think about something that really happened in your life.
2. Develop!  Develop your idea by drawing the beginning, middle and end of your story.
3. Begin! Record a video of yourself telling this story using GlogsterEDU.
4. Continue! Listen to your recording and write your story on paper.
5. Feedback! Work with your writing partner and use the "Questioning" strategy to get more detail into your story.
6. Continue! Study the leads of other narrative stories.  Make sure yours is an attention grabber!
7. Continue & Feedback! Study the satisfying endings of narrative stories:  Is your ending satisfying to your audience?  If not, make it satisfying!
8. Review! Re-read your narrative and make sure it makes sense to you!
9. Publish:  Use a storyboard planner to create the slides to tell your story digitally using Photo Story 3.
           -sketch the pictures for your slides.
           -cut out the text that you will read while each slide plays.
           -create your own pictures or bring photographs for each slide.

Here is a completed personal narrative story by one of our second graders!

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sbaird said...

Wow that was really good! It makes me want to go back to Hawaii again! Great job!!!