Thursday, April 5, 2012

Peep Attack!

Here is what our Peeps looked like after 4 days in their solvents!  Scroll to the bottom to see what we thought about our results.

Our Peep results are in this order: Mountain Dew, water, vegetable oil, vinegar and tomato juice.
Tomato Juice
Mountain Dew and Water
We were surprised the pink Peep turned yellow in the Mountain Dew!

Here are some of the observations scientists from our "lab" had on the fourth and final day of our experiment.

Madison was surprised that the Peep in the vegetable oil stayed pretty much the same.

David thought it was interesting that the Peep in vegetable oil dried up.

Rachel and Brandon were surprised that the peep in the vegetable oil was hard.

Brandon thought the Peep in the Mountain Dew felt like a slug.

Rylee and Ava thought it was cool that the vinegar Peep was almost all the way dissolved after four days.

David also thought the vinegar Peep felt like Jell-o.
We all concluded that vinegar was the best solvent.


Unknown said...

Great observations! I am interested to hear about what the scientist thought would happen and how that compares to what actually happened.

Koreen Williams said...

Our hypothesis was that the Mountain Dew, tomato juice and vegetable oil would be the best solvents. We learned vegetable was not a very good solvent and will think twice about drinking Mountain Dew!

Palmer said...

Thanks for continuing to share these class experiences! Great class photo in the snow fort. :)

Unknown said...

This is a great intro into discovery based science!!! Mountain Dew should be avoided for LOTS of reasons! Cool pictures too