Thursday, February 23, 2012


This week we were very creative.  We made a landscape of mountains and hills on a piece of paper.  First we practiced drawing different kinds of lines.  Then we picked a curvy line to draw the hills and a jagged line to draw the mountains.  Then we chose color crayons that we liked and colored our pictures in.  We had to push really hard with our crayons.  Then we did a wash over our coloring.  A wash is when you take some water color paints and paint over your drawing. It is a good idea to use more water than paint when you do a wash so the paint won't cover up your drawing.

We also wrote poems about mountains.  They are special kinds of poems called "found poems."  We read information about mountains.  Then we highlighted the words and phrases that we liked.  After that we read the phrases and words we highlighted to make sure we liked how our poem sounded.  Then we wrote down the poem on a piece of paper. 

Have you ever done this kind of art or writing before?